నికిత శర్మ ని ఇంట హాట్ గా ఎపుడైనా చూసారా

నేనేం దాచుకోను అంటూ కుర్రకారుకి సెగలు పుట్టిస్తోంది


అందాలను ఎలా చూపించాలో నికిత శర్మ కి తెలిసినంతగా ఎవరికి తెలియదు. టాలెంట్ ఉంటె సరిపోదు అందం కూడా ఉండాలంటోంది నికిత శర్మ.

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Me to my parents after the quarantine: . #truth 🤓

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“These are mad times I tell you, MAD!!” With the world leading to what it is today, one can only wonder about the things we’ve done to push nature to this level. The panic revolving around the Coronavirus is absolutely justified and understandable. However, this is just one revolt from nature. What about the thousand injuries we’ve inflicted upon nature itself? How do you think those felt? Really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? So here are a few things that can be done in this time and age of the Coronavirus: • Stay home as much as possible. ✅ • Wash your hands with antiseptic soap THOROUGHLY. ✅ • Don’t fall into the mass mentality of panic, but be aware of the situation. ✅ • If you show even the smallest of symptoms, visit the nearest doctor. For the sake of those around you (especially the elderly). ✅ • Cook at home as much as you can. ✅ • Stock up on toiletries and groceries for a while. ✅ • As difficult as it sounds, avoid using public transport. ✅ • Use a mask if you show even the smallest of symptoms. ✅ . And here are a few things to keep in mind: • The mortality rate of this virus is comparatively low, however not to be ignored. Therefore, no need to panic but awareness is crucial. ✅ • As long as we follow hygienic routines, we will be absolutely fine. ✅ • Try and make sure only post or spread facts you are absolutely certain about being right. False news can be a huge reason of mass panic. ✅ . #CoronaPandemic #Coronavirus #LetsFightTogether

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